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Are you looking for a way to get all of your staff on the same page when it comes to providing hand therapy? Our program relies on evidence based methods for treatment planning, anatomy and kinesiology explanations and even billing and treatment ideas. 

All of that provided in a fun and dynamic manner for your staff. We now offer group discounts in a corporate account format. Depending on the size of your group, you’ll receive a discount on either monthly or annual memberships. Each of your employees will have their own account and can get CEUs for continuing ed courses we produce quarterly as well as free access to and a TON more.

Anyone working on their CHT board can also upgrade from the Pro membership to the CHT Prep membership with an additional discount on the difference in price. If you have questions or need any help, please email us at

Corporate Plans


  • 10 - 19 employees
  • Monthly = $44.99 $33.74 / user
  • Yearly = $495 $371.25 / user


  • 20 - 29 employees
  • Monthly = $44.99 $31.49 / user
  • Yearly = $495 $346.50 / user


  • 30+ employees
  • Monthly = $44.99 $29.24 / user
  • Yearly = $495 $321.75 / user

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How to buy a corporate plan

Step 1: Click on one of the buttons below to add the Pro Plan subscription to the cart.

Step 2: Click the > arrow to add as many subscriptions as you like. Click the 'Update cart' button when done.

Step 3: Tick the 'Purchase for an employee' checkbox for ALL OF THE USERS, and fill in their emails. Click the 'Update Cart' button again when done.

Step 4: After the page has reloaded, scroll down to the very bottom and click the 'Proceed to checkout' button.

Step 5: Fill in all the billing details, your card number and click the 'Sign up now' button.

That's all! After you've paid for the order, each of the employees will receive email confirmations with instructions on how to activate their accounts and access the courses.

If an employee wants to upgrade to the CHT Prep membership they can go to the “Membership” page and select either CHT Prep Plan Monthly or CHT Prep Plan Yearly. They will receive a 10% discount off the difference between what you’ve provided for them and the full cost CHT Prep membership.

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